Limited Edition Collectors Vinyl 45 April 13 2018, 0 Comments

Limited Edition Collectors Vinyl 45

The Suburbs are releasing a limited edition collectors vinyl 45 this spring: it's a brand new recording of some very old songs, "Cows" and "Baby Heartbeat", performed by the new incarnation of The Suburbs featuring Stevie Brantseg and Jeremy Ylvisaker on guitars, Steve Price on bass, Janey Winterbauer singing supporting vocals, and Max Ray, Rochelle Becker and Stephen Kung on horns. This band has been performing together since the release of The Suburbs first 21st Century recording, "Si Sauvage", and their latest release, the critically acclaimed "Hey Muse!".

Founding members Chan and Hugo had this to say about this new release: "Yes, the original recordings of these songs from our first album, "In Combo", are classics and worthy of repeated spins still. And of course all respect and love to Bruce, Beej, and Michael. But after playing these and other great old songs live for a few years now with these amazing musicians, Hugo and I were compelled to record them again. To us, they sound new and different and fresh and exciting. And we couldn't think of a better way to present them to you than on a rich-sounding vinyl 45. We hope you agree."

This special "for-the-fans" vinyl 45 will first be available for sale at the band's May 18th appearance at First Avenue in Minneapolis. The Suburbs have played an annual blow-out at this legendary club since the early eighties. Be sure to order your tickets now as these shows are perennial sell-outs.

These new recordings of classic 'Burb tunes are only 2 of a dozen specially curated "hits" from the band's late 70's & 80's output, re-made with the new members in Hi-Fidelity Sound. Besides celebrating the new line-up, why re-record these songs now? After being approached for years by film and TV producers asking for the rights to use the band's tunes, and being thwarted by the red tape from Universal Music which holds the original master recordings, Chan and Hugo decided to simply re-record the tunes and make them now available for use. The band never signed away their song publishing rights. Already the band has been able to supply their immensely catchy music to the Super Bowl and other NFL sports broadcasts, been approached by Netflix and had a handful of advertising agencies calling, giving the music newer and wider circulation and more importantly keeping the legacy of this legendary Minneapolis band alive. The Suburbs and Mr. Poling are represented by Superior Music Publishing in Los Angeles and around the world.

Join us on Friday, May 18th at First Avenue! 
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