BACK ON THE ROAD - A Missive From The Cowfields - From Chan August 09 2017, 0 Comments

When folks ask me: "How did you enjoy touring this summer?" I can see the sly twinkle in their eye that suggests we are all in on the idea that it (touring) is a thing not possible to be enjoyed (after the age of 35). But I must say; it was indeed a joy! There is a sort of simple appreciation that seeps in after a while that let's you soak in the sunny drives through beautiful country. And the shows! It was amazing to have people come up to me in the streets of exotic foreign lands (like Des Moines) and pour out their love for the music we've been making for so many years. It was great to realize that The Suburbs have touched hearts all over the place. We played smaller clubs, to be sure, but they were filled with real super fans that spurred us on to play some of the best music we've played in a while. They brought their old posters and albums and had us sign set-lists and told old tales of gigs from their memories of glorious debauchery and fun. But it was the 2 college girls from Madison that lit up my smile: crowded up front and jumping up and down with delight when we played "Cows", singing along with every word. They discovered, for their very own, the underground delights of non-mainstream rock, and were soaking it up.


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