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"One of the most idiosyncratic bands from a 1970s and '80s Minneapolis scene filled with icons, the Suburbs blend dance friendly grooves, skronky guitar punk and off-the-wall humor for a one-of-a-kind sound. Thankfully, the group has periodically reformed since dissolving in 1987; the current incarnation includes founding singer/keyboardist Chan Poling and drummer Hugo Klaers. They are on tour with a new album, Hey Muse!, set for release on June 23. With German Art Students, Chrash." (June 1, 2017) - ISTHMUS

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In designing Suburbs album, Kii Arens aimed for that '80s decadence (August 20, 2013) - Read the Star Tribune's piece on the Si Sauvage cover art here.

Premiere: The Suburbs, 'Dumbass Kids' (August 15, 2013) - Slicing Up Eyeballs premieres our second single, "Dumbass Kids." Listen to the song on their blog here.

Artist of the Month: The Suburbs (August 1, 2013) - The Local Current blog chose us as the Minnesota band of the month for August 2013. The whole article, by Mark Wheat, can be viewed here.

Suburbs make a record via Kickstarter (July 26, 2013) - Tim Cambell of the Star Tribune summarizes the amazing success of our Kickstarter campaign thanks to our many backers. Read here.

The Suburbs' Chan Poling: We've been studying Amanda Palmer (July 15, 2013) - City Pages' Reed Fischer sat down with Chan Poling and discussed the new single "Turn the Radio On" and more. Read the whole Q&A here.

Minneapolis' legendary Suburbs band 'Kickstarts' new album after 27 years (July 4, 2013) - The Examiner's Jim Bessman writes about our quest for a new album via Kickstarter. Check it out here.

Minneapolis rock vets the Suburbs are Kickstarting their first album in 27 years (June 26, 2013) - The Star Tribune's Chris Riemenschneider talks about our efforts to release a new album with Kickstarter success. Read his blog here.


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