A Letter To Our Cherished FunRaiser Supporters May 11 2017, 0 Comments

Dear Cherished Hey Muse! FunRaiser Supporters,

Here's an UPDATE on all the stuff you have coming to you.

Golf. Most important. I'm talking with the guys who want to go golfing, and... WE ARE GOING GOLFING! Soon. Can't wait.

CDs and Vinyl - Both are in production now, thanks to your generous support! CDs should be done in a week or so, and then we will get the mailings out. Vinyl is a different story. Turns out vinyl is a rare and hot commodity that takes a much longer turnaround, due to its rare-ness and hot-ness. Expect that to be mailed to you closer to the release date, and we are sorry for that. But it is rare. And hot. So...

Other Stuff - Some of your orders came with Teeshirts, Posters, stickers and "Swag Bags" and the like. You will receive all of these delightful ancillary items in the same box that contains your audio. For people who cashed in their "Backstage Pass" benefits already, we will get on the ball and make sure you get your "other stuff" mailed to you with the rest. For people who ordered an All Access Pass, we will be sending your swag in the mail and please send us an email and let us know what show you would like to use your pass at thesuburbsrock@gmail.com

We are endeavoring to get these packages to you as soon as possible. We hope to deliver this month (except the vinyl. Hot and Rare, remember.) so thank you for your patience and your support! Seriously. We couldn't do it with out you.


Chan, Hugo, all the Steves, Jerome, Janey, Max & Rochelle, and all the Suburbs Family!!