Counting My Blessings May 02 2017, 0 Comments

This is a thank-you note. But "thank-yous" can come across sometimes a bit blithe. So I wanted to dig a bit deeper and see if I could explain sincerely how I feel.

I've seen some things. I've lived through some very trying events; painful things that got me deeply seeking meaning in my Life. Actually, it's not really 'meaning' that I'm after. I just want to be open to Joy. Because I think Joy is out there for us all. It's a natural element. Sure, I'm realistic. I'm pissed off like everyone else that we still have to fight so hard for truth and justice in this day and age. But, I do count my blessings. Kind of like a miser counting his pennies.

I think the reason we view counting our blessings as sort of poignant and fragile is because it's hard to do. So, when I can, when I see them delivered right up to me, like they were this past month as we went out to you to seek support for the release of our new Suburbs album and you all came through like gangbusters, I want to go on record as an appreciative accountant.

Thank you, everyone.

Tally Ho!