Announcing Si Sauvage, The Suburbs First New Album in Nearly Three Decades - Due Out Aug 27, 2013 July 10 2013, 1 Comment

>> UPDATE August 27, 2013: Now available for purchase in our music store!

Cover art by Kii Arens

People who have heard advance mixes, say it sounds like a culmination of the entire history of the Suburbs, and thoroughly contemporary at the same time. It's surprisingly upbeat, with plenty of dance grooves, yet also contains the beauty of older songs like "Girlfriend" and "Spring Came."

It's mature AND fun, and it's obvious that the Suburbs audience has grown along with the band. Crowds are already cheering and singing along at recent shows to new songs like "Turn The Radio On." We're streaming it below so you can decide for yourself.

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Calling All Rockers!!

Help fund The Suburb's first new album in nearly three decades, Si Sauvage! Learn more about the project and listen to the first song "Turn The Radio On" at #kickstartmebaby #thesuburbs