DEAR SUBURBAN PEEPS ~ April 13 2014, 0 Comments

What a great start to (a long overdue) Spring! 1st Avenue SOLD OUT and packed to the rafters with happy happy rockers (including the bowl of nuts on the stage), and by all accounts one of the best shows in Minneapolis rock history. Or do we exaggerate? Seriously - lots of great feedback and happy faces out there. And the trip to Lutsen Mountains? What a blast. That was one of the best musical moments we've enjoyed in a while too. And the skiing and camaraderie? (or as Bruce would say: "camar-oddity") We are content. 

But not for long. The boys and girls of The Suburbs are already hard at work on new tunes in our lab. Look for more new stuff and serious deep cuts in the future shows and on new methods of musical disbursement. Our ears and eyes are open for new gig opportunities (maybe some summer fests, or another fall show in town?) and possible studio work coming up. 

We thank you all from the bottoms of our hearts for coming out and making this, as always, a superfun experience. 

Rock on! 

TWIN CITIES - Spring 2014