HEY MUSE! Private Show (1 left!)


for you and your friends! 

  • All band travel and production costs are additional on top of the pledge, please contact the band's Booking & Management to discuss
  • Continental US only
  • You provide the space
  • Subject to scheduling requirements
  • Must be before December 2017


  • A band signed copy of the Love is the Law CD 

  • A band signed copy of the In Combo CD 

  • A band signed copy of the Credit in Heaven CD 

  • Unreleased Digital Download Videos and Tracks from The Suburbs recent show @ 1st Ave 
  • A Signed Copy of the New 10 Song Vinyl Record Hey Muse! 

  • A Signed Copy of the New 12inch Vinyl DJ Single Hey Muse! & Lost You on the Dance Floor
  • Hey Muse! CD
  • Exclusive Backer Art & Lyrics Booklet
  • Hey Muse! Digital Download
  • Suburbs Swag Bag
  • Estimated Delivery: May 2017





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