Love is the Law


In 1983 Chan Poling of The Suburbs wrote the hit song Love is the Law. Thirty years later, Chan was inspired by the marriage equality vote looming in Minnesota and donated the song to a local organization for their “Freedom to Marry” campaign.


Minnesotans United for All Families made a commercial using the song, inspiring local media to write about the “Love is the Law” movement. T-shirts were created and donned by MN State Representatives. Rep Dorholt quoted the lyrics in his floor speech supporting marriage equality legislation. 


On the historic day of May 14, 2013 Governor Dayton declared “Love is the Law”. Thousands gathered to celebrate at a concert ending in an impassioned performance by The Suburbs.



We want to see a country united
 with marriage equality for all.


There are 38 states working independently for marriage equality. We want to use the power of music and art to simplify the issue and galvanize a fundamental truth.


We want to offer up Love Is The Law as a universal anthem uniting Americans for marriage equality. If your organization is working for marriage equality and would like to use the song please contact us.



$5 from the sale of each Love Is The Law T-shirt is being donated to organizations promoting LGBT equality. On May 14th we raised over $3,000 in 4 hours and the sales continue.